Stainless Steel Round Tubes (Pipes)

Here at Aluminium Online, we have a fantastic selection of stainless steel tubes for you to choose from. With a variety of tube sizes available in pre-cut lengths and the option for bespoke cutting, Aluminium Online is the place to get your stainless steel pipes, whatever the project.

Our Popular Stainless Steel Tubes and Pipes

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What Are Stainless Steel Pipes Used For?

One of the most used types of pipes across the world, stainless steel tubes are used in a variety of different areas including, food and beverage, chemical industries, water supply systems, nuclear power and in the creation of hydraulic lifts.


FAQ – Need More Information About Stainless Steel Tubes?

Which sizes of stainless steel tubes do you stock?

Here at Aluminium Online, we have a selection of stainless steel tube sizes available to purchase. With sizes starting at 10mm x 1mm, 15mm x 1mm, 20mm x 1mm and 25mm x 1mm. At Aluminium Online, we can create tailored stainless steel pipes for your project through our bespoke profile creation and our ability to meet precise specifications.

What is the difference between a round tube and a pipe?

A pipe is typically a hollow tube that allows items to travel through it and tends to have a circular cross-section. Usually, the goods that pass through a stainless steel pipe consist of gas, powders, pellets, liquids and more. Typically, a tube is an oval, rectangular, square, or circular hollow part utilised in mechanical applications, instrumentation systems, and pressure apparatus.

Can you bend a stainless steel pipe?

Stainless steel pipes can be bent, but they require specialised equipment and techniques such as heat induction or cold bending to avoid damaging the material. Three-roll benders, also known as section benders, profile benders, or angle rolls, can be used to curve tubing if the bend has a big radius. Mandrel tube bending is the process of bending tubing on a rotary-draw bender when the bend has a tight radius.

How to find a trusted stainless steel tube supplier in the UK?

Here at Aluminium Online, we are one of the UK’s most trusted independent suppliers of stainless steel tubes and pipes, with over 30 years of experience in the industry, why get your stainless steel pipes from anywhere else? Offering free nationwide delivery options, Aluminium Online can guarantee quality. If you have any questions, then don’t hesitate to contact us via our phone line at 01212722865 or why not email us at

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