Conversion Factors


To convert Multiply by
Inches to millimetres 25.40
Feet to metres 0.3048
Yards to metres0.914
Square inches to square centimetres6.4516
Square feet to square metres0.092903
Cubic inches to cubic centimetres16.3871
Cubic feet to cubic metres0.028317
Cubic yards to cubic metres0.764555
Pounds to kilograms0.453592
Tons to tonnes (1000kg)1.01605
Lb/sq. inch to kg/sq. metre703.070


To convert Multiply by
Millimetres to inches0.0393701
Metres to feet 3.28084
Metres to yards1.09361
Square centimetres to square inches0.1550
Square metres to square feet 10.73391
Square metres to square yards1.19599
Cubic centimetres to cubic inches0.061024
Cubic metres to cubic feet35.3147
Cubic metres to cubic yards1.30795
Kilograms to pounds2.20462
Tonnes (1000kg) to tons 0.984207
Kg/sq. metre to lb/sq. inch 0.001422
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