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At Aluminium Online, we currently stock stainless steel sheets in a variety of thicknesses and lengths, including 0.9mm. However, we will be adding a lot more to our range in the future to offer an extensive range of aluminium sheeting, as well as other aluminium profiles.

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What is Stainless-Steel Sheet Metal?

Stainless-steel sheet metal is created by rolling large pieces of stainless steel into thin sheets making them malleable and easily cut and shaped into various sizes. The high chromium content of stainless steel forms a protective layer of oxide on the surface, making the material highly corrosion-resistant and perfect for multiple external applications. Our stainless steel is 304 grade and is often found in automotive, construction, medical devices, food processes and more, thanks to its resistance to heat and corrosion, its durability and its aesthetic appeal.

Stainless-Steel Sheet Sizes UK

At Aluminium Online, we understand the world is an imperfect place which is why we cut bespoke sheets of stainless-steel metal, so you get a perfect fit with less costly and un-eco-friendly waste. We also offer one free cut for every item ordered. Browse our selection of thin stainless-steel sheets below and order the closest available size, add your precise cutting requirements to the notes section at checkout. We recycle all offcuts unless you request them. Please note the smallest width of stainless-steel sheet metal we can cut to is 100mm.


Our stainless steel sheeting is 304 grade

Folding services available

please email for a quote.



We offer one free cut per item ordered any additional cuts are charged at £0.50p + vat per cut

*Please note we are unable to supply stainless sheets in widths/lengths less than 100mm*

Please purchase the closest larger size available, then at checkout in the “notes” section add your cutting requirements

Example: if you require 355mm x 750mm, purchase 400mm x 800mm and request the cutting via the notes option at checkout, all off-cuts will be recycled unless requested,

*Please note we are unable to supply any off cut smaller than 100mm width/length*



  • All stainless steel sheets are supplied with poly coating protection to one face, the other face may have slight marks from handling cutting etc.
  • Cutting tolerance +/-2mm
  • Produced, packed and dispatched from our factory in Birmingham.

Have more questions about our stainless steel sheets? 

Is stainless steel-sheet metal easy to bend? 

Not exactly easy, as stainless steel can be tougher than mild steel, but with the right tools, the correct grade of stainless steel and the proper know-how, it is possible to bend the stainless-steel sheet metal into the perfect shape. 

What is stainless-steel sheet metal used for? 

Thin stainless-steel sheets have numerous applications in multiple industries due to their resistance to corrosion, durability and aesthetic appeal. It is often found in the food and beverage industry and the medical field as the material is easy to clean and sterilise. It is often used in electronics due to its strength and corrosion resistance and is a go-to in the construction, automotive and aeronautical industries due to the fantastic strength-to-weight ratio.  

What are the disadvantages of stainless-steel sheets? 

The main disadvantage of stainless steel is the cost. It is not as inexpensive as other common metals like aluminium or carbon steel.  Also, though it is considered to possess a good strength-to-weight ratio, it is heavier than aluminium and is often replaced by the lighter material where possible. Also, due to the fact it requires special tools and techniques for cutting, bending and welding, the cost of using stainless steel in your project can further increase.

What are the restrictions on stainless steel? 

Not all stainless steel enjoys the same high levels of heat resistance and if exposed to temperatures above its limits, it can undergo a process called sensitisation which reduces its corrosion resistance. Though it is highly corrosion resistant, it is not impervious and can corrode if exposed to low-oxygen atmospheres, certain chemicals or high-salinity environments.  

What stainless steel is used for sheet metal? 

Various grades of stainless steel are used for fabricating sheets including 301, 316, 430 and 410. Grade 304 is most commonly used due to its excellent corrosion resistance and weldability. For this reason, the thin stainless-steel sheet metal we supply is all grade 304.  

Can I shop online if there's no physical store in my area?

Our website is a comprehensive listing of all our products, so you are sure to find what you are looking for there. Simply add the items to your basket and check out. We will then deliver your aluminium order to Leicester, West Midlands, West Bromwich, Southampton, Dudley or other cities within the UK.










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