Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws Countersunk

We stock a huge range of stainless steel self tapping screws, perfect for all kinds of projects, whether using aluminium or any suitable material. Browse our selection of counter sunk, Pozi drive screws below, available in a vast number of sizes.

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Self Tapping And Self Drilling Screws For Aluminium – Sizes

  • No.2 = screw dia. 2.2mm, head dia. 4.2mm, head height 1.8mm
  • No.4 = screw dia. 2.9mm, head dia. 5.6mm, head height 1.2mm
  • No.6 = screw dia. 3.5mm, head dia. 6.9mm, head height 2.6mm
  • No.8 = screw dia. 4.2mm, head dia. 8.2mm, head height 3.05mm
  • No.10 = screw dia. 4.8mm, head dia. 9.5mm, head height 3.55mm
  • No.12 = screw dia. 5.5mm, head dia. 10.8mm, head height 3.95mm
  • No.14 = screw dia. 6.3mm, head dia. 12.5mm, head height 4.55mm

*Screw lengths does not include the head*

Have More Questions About Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws?

Can self tapping screws be used on stainless steel?

Yes. So long as you create a pilot hole first, you can use our self tapping screws on stainless steel.

What is the best material for self tapping screws?

Alongside our other stainless steel screws and fasteners, we also offer stainless steel self tapping screws as we believe the combination of material properties it offers makes it one of the best choices available. Stainless steel is strong and corrosion resistant, creating a highly durable fastening between two materials. For this same reason, we also offer a range of stainless steel round tubes and round bars and rods.

What is the difference between self tapping and self drilling screws?

When using self tapping screws, you’ll almost always need to create a pilot hole before seating the screw. Self drilling screws don’t require a pilot hole; they can drill their own hole as they’re turned.

What thickness of metal can self tapping screws go through?

Self tapping screws are typically better suited to applications that use thinner grades of metal, and they may struggle with thicker metals. If you’re using aluminium for example, then you may want to consider using self drilling screws for aluminium over a certain thickness.

Will self tapping screws work for aluminium?

Yes. You can use self tapping screws for aluminium extrusions or sections of any kind, provided they’re of a suitable thickness and you create a pilot hole first.

What are the benefits of using self tapping screws for aluminium extrusions?

There are a number of benefits to using self tapping screws for your aluminium extrusions, not least of which is they will create their own threads as you turn them, meaning no need to drill and thread your hole. Our stainless steel self tapping screws have the added benefits of being extremely strong and corrosion resistant, meaning they can create a lasting hold between materials.

Can you use galvanised screws in aluminium?

You can, but it’s not recommended. Galvanised steel contains high levels of zinc and reacts with the structure of the aluminium to cause accelerated corrosion, leading to spots of messy, weakened material appearing around where the galvanised steel and aluminium contact.

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