Aluminium Extrusion

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What is Aluminium Extrusion?

Aluminium Extrusion is the process of shaping aluminium, achieved by being forced at high pressure through a die that has been made to create specific lengths of a fixed cross-sectional profile. The three main categories of extruded shapes are solid, hollow, and semi-hollow.

Complex cross-section designs can be created that are strong and have an excellent surface finish.  Aluminium extrusion products are used in many industries including construction, aircraft, machinery, manufacturing, and consumer goods. Using a powerful hydraulic press, you can produce a wide range of products in various shapes. The most common extrusion shapes are angles, round tubes and channels – all of which are available to buy online.

Temperature is an important consideration in the extrusion process as it gives the material different types of hardness and finishes.

Direct Extrusion

Direct extrusion is the most used method in aluminium extrusion to produce solid and hollow profiles. It is used to manufacture solid rods, bars, and hollow tubes.

Direct extrusion involves the die head being held stationary, with the billet being forced through the die using a moving ram or screw.

Indirect Extrusion

In indirect aluminium extrusion, the billet and container move together whilst the die remains stationary. The die is held in place by a stem that must be longer than the container length.

Advantages of Aluminium Extrusion

Extruded Aluminium has many benefits, especially when compared with metals.
•Strength – Aluminium has incredible strength properties even at very low weights.

•It is also very simple to process, being much more malleable when compared to other metals such as Steel and Iron.

•Extremely corrosion resistant – it doesn’t rust, and protection can be further enhanced through anodising

•It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity when compared to most metals

•Can be recycled many times with little loss of properties

•Durable and hard-wearing

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