What is Powder Coated Aluminium?

Powder coating is a process that coats and seals metal parts as an alternative to paints and other types of coatings. Powder coating is typically used on metals such as copper, brass, titanium, bronze, and stainless and mild steel. However, other non-metallic parts such as plastic, wood and glass can be powder coated too with additional preparation, if the item can withstand the temperature of the curing oven.

For aluminium products powder coating is considered a premium option when compared to paints. This is because powder coating is available in many colours and finishes, such as matt and polished finish. It also provides a more even coating than paints or organic coatings.

Additionally, powder coating is also a more durable option than other traditional metal paints as it will not chip or flake as easily. Powder coating is much more resistant to corrosion, chemical damage, general wear and tear, and weather damage.

When using powder coated aluminium, dents and scuffs are also easily repaired using a liquid coating that matches the original colours. Powder coating typically has better colour uniformity between batches. Offering excellent chemical resistance to mortar, as well as to industrial-strength acidic and alkaline cleaners, powder coatings do not produce air pollution.

Powder coating has other benefits, for example, it is non-flammable or carcinogenic and the process is generally less damaging than traditional paint.

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Uses of powder coating

Powder coated items have many uses. For example, many pieces of outdoor furniture such as bike stands, benches and bollards are powder coated to ensure they can withstand the harsher outdoor conditions. Additionally, many aeronautic and vehicle parts are powder coated to withstand high temperatures and corrosion.

Powder coated items can be found anywhere from offices to homes in applications such as chairs, tables, shelves, and even fire extinguishers.

Appliances account for about 1/3 of all powder coated parts, which make them the largest portion of powder coated products. Additionally, outdoor furniture and construction also make up a large part of the industry.

How to powder coat metal

  1. Aluminium suppliers will clean the metal thoroughly of dirt and grease. Any remaining dirt can disrupt the application and curing process.
  2. Pre-treat the metal. This process is to prevent any chipping or corrosion once the piece is finished. A conditioner is applied to set the surface pH level and lock it in. Once this is done, a corrosion barrier is applied. The piece is then rinsed, the sealant is applied, another rinse, then it is dried in an oven and allowed to cool off.
  3. Application process. This is where the powder is applied. This is done by earthing the part and then electrostatically charging the powder. Once the powder is charged it is sprayed at the earthed piece. The powder clings evenly over the surface due to the static cling effect.
  4. To finalise the piece, it is placed into a curing oven where the powder is transformed into a gel due to the heat. While it cures it forms a tough and durable surface finish.

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