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Sheet metal is an extremely versatile and durable material that is used within a vast number of industries from construction and architecture, manufacturing, fabrication, automotive and aerospace, HVAC, electronics, telecommunications, food and beverages as well as art and design – although this list isn’t exhaustive. For more information on the uses that metal sheets can be put to, check out our blog.

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Metal sheeting can be supplied in different metal types as well as a range of thicknesses depending on your requirements. Aluminium Online is one of the nation’s top suppliers of sheet metal for sale, whether you need aluminium or stainless steel for your project. Aluminium Online stocks sheet metal in a vast array of sizes as well as offering a bespoke cutting service to supply the exact shape and thickness that you require. We also supply five-bar tread plates, also known as checker plates in different thicknesses, and they can be cut to your exact shape and size requirements. With our speedy delivery rates to any location in the UK, you can be sure of the highest quality products. Aluminium Online stocks and supplies metal sheet products as well as a huge array of other aluminium and metal profiles and extrusions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our sheet metal products and are able to supply these with powder coating as well as anodised or polished finishes to ensure that the final project you are undertaking looks exactly the way you envision it.  


Metal Sheeting Available In Different Shapes And Sizes 

Our aluminium metal sheets are made of 1050a H14/H24 grade aluminium with excellent formability and suitability for MIG and TIG welding and our stainless steel sheet metal is grade 304 – guaranteeing you a high-quality product every time. Our metal sheeting is available to purchase in a wide array of sizes, shapes and thicknesses and our highly skilled team are only too happy to create your metal sheet product to your bespoke measurements. We can supply aluminium and stainless steel metal sheets as well as a checker, five bar plate to any address in the UK with next-day delivery in the majority of purchases.  


Buy Sheet Metal Online Today 

With decades of experience in the industry, Aluminium Online is the supplier to choose when it comes to ordering your sheet metal products. If your order is placed early enough in the day, then we aim to always offer next-day delivery directly to your site and we pride ourselves on our speedy turnaround service to our customers. We know that when you’re ordering metal sheeting for a project, you need to have the right product ready to ensure that your own lead times aren’t held up. Our long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself, and with our five-star reviews, you will be able to have peace of mind that your metal sheeting needs are in the best possible hands.  


Have More Questions About Our Metal Sheets For Sale? 

How do you cut sheet metal? 

There is a wide range of ways that sheet metal can be cut, from snips, shears, plasma cutting, laser and waterjet cutting to circular, band and jigsaws as well as angle grinders and more sophisticated methods such as oxy-acetylene torches and hydraulic guillotines. Each type of metal cutting can provide a different finish on the cut edge, and you can be certain that the expert team at Aluminium Online know which the best method is to prepare or cut to shape your metal sheeting product. For more information on the cutting of metal sheets read our blog 


How do you bend sheet metal? 

Bending sheet metal is a common technique to shape and form them into the desired products you need to use for your project. There are different techniques used to bend sheet metal and some of the most commonly used of these are:  

  • Hand bending – which may use basic hand tools such as hammers, mallets and pliers and this is a simple technique for smaller projects or simple bends. 
  • Brake press – a flat surface with a clamping mechanism and precise tool (punch) that presses the metal sheet against a die and can create sharp as well as multiple bends and complex shapes. 
  • Roll bending – or rolling or roll forming is used to create cylindrical or curved shapes where the sheet metal is passed through a series of rollers that gradually bend it into the desired curvature.  
Can you laser-cut sheet metal? 

Yes, laser cutting is a widely used method for cutting sheet metal as it is a precise and efficient technique that uses a laser beam to cut through various different types of metal sheets. It is precise and versatile as it can be used to cut metal sheets of a wide array of thicknesses. Laser cutting also produces clean, smooth edges which generally won’t need additional finishing. It is an efficient and quick method of cutting metal sheets, and as it can also be automated, it is a very effective method of cutting sheet metal consistently and repeatedly – making it ideal for high-volume production and reducing the chances of human error.  


How is sheet metal made? 

Sheet metal is manufactured through the process of fabrication, where the selected metal is transformed into sheets through hot or cold rolling mills and then cut into the desired size and shape. Metal can be easily fabricated into sheets of metal as well as other shapes and extrusions, it is an extremely malleable and highly recyclable material that is used for an extraordinarily large range of purposes. 

Does sheet metal rust? 

Sheet metal will rust if it is made of ferrous material, such as carbon steel or iron. However, sheet metal made of aluminium alloy or stainless steel is more resistant to rust owing to its chemical composition. Stainless steel contains a significant amount of chromium which prevents rust and aluminium won’t rust as it naturally forms a protective oxide layer that prevents corrosion. For more information on the rust-resistant properties of aluminium alloy, read our blog.  


Where can you buy sheet metal? 

There are various places where you can purchase sheet metal, such as home improvement stores, online suppliers and scrap yards or recycling centres, but when you’re purchasing sheet metal it’s important to consider the thickness and finish of the material as well as any unique requirements. A professional supplier of sheet metal, such as Aluminium Online is able to offer cutting, bending, custom fabrication and a range of finishes to make sure your purchase is exactly what you’re needing as well as ensuring that the product you purchase is of the highest grade metal construction.  

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

Our delivery service extends throughout the nation and includes some worldwide delivery options. So, if you are looking for aluminium extrusions in Sheffield, Birmingham, Leicester, Cardiff or other cities within the UK, we can deliver to you.

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