Powder Coated Aluminium

What Is Powder-Coated Aluminium?

Powder-coated aluminium refers to all aluminium products that have been finished with a surface coating of powder paint to enhance their durability and aesthetic.

The powder coating process consists of three main steps.

  • Preparation: All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned of any oil, dirt or contaminants that could interfere with the powder coating adhesion.
  • Application: Dry powder paint is electrostatically charged allowing it to adhere to the aluminium, creating an even layer.
  • Curing: Once coated, the aluminium is heated to cause the powder particles to fuse and form a continuous, smooth coating.

Powder-coating aluminium makes it more resistant to the elements and is considered more environmentally friendly than liquid paint alternatives. It also is available in a wide range of colours.

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Powder-Coated Aluminium Colours and Finishes 


The wonderful thing about powder-coated aluminium is the huge range of colours and finishes available, giving it the perfect look for any application. At Aluminium Online, we offer all our aluminium extrusions in powder-coated finishes with colours of sand yellow, ultramarine blue, traffic red, mint green and shades of jet black, signal white and slate grey all available. Finishes available include gloss, satin, matte, textured, metallic, hammered and antique.


FAQ Powder-Coated Aluminium: 

Is powder coating good on aluminium?

Powder coating is an excellent choice for aluminium surfaces as it offers a range of benefits including enhanced durability, heightened resistance to corrosion, heat and UV rays, easy maintenance, uniform coating and a range of colours and finishes.

What is powder-coated aluminium used for?

Powder-coated aluminium can be found almost everywhere you look. It is often used in external applications including architectural elements, outdoor furniture and signage, the automotive, marine and aerospace industries and even in home décor as picture frames, lighting fixtures and decorative panels.

How long will powder coating last on aluminium?

The lifespan of powder coating on aluminium can vary depending on multiple factors, including the quality of the powder coating, correct surface preparation, environmental conditions, maintenance and coating thickness. If prepared, applied, cured and maintained correctly, then powder-coated aluminium can be expected to last up to 30 years or more.

What aluminium products can be powder coated?

Our powder-coated aluminium product range includes equal-angle extrusions, unequal-angle extrusions, flat bars, channels, hollow sections, mouldings, wallboards and more. If you are unsure whether your desired extrusion can be powder coated, contact one of our professionals who will be able to offer expert advice and guidance.

What is the price of powder-coated aluminium?

The price of powder-coated aluminium varies depending on the extrusions purchased, the desired finish and the quantity required. Browse our wide range of powder-coated extrusions to get a current price for your ideal powder-coated aluminium extrusion.

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

Our delivery service extends throughout the nation and includes some worldwide delivery options. So, if you are looking for aluminium extrusions in Norwich, Northampton, Liverpool, West Midlands or other cities within the UK, we can deliver to you.

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