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What Is Polished Aluminium?

Polished aluminium undergoes a finishing process resulting in a smooth and reflective surface. The process usually entails an initial grinding to remove any imperfections followed by sanding to smooth the surface. Higher grit sandpaper is applied to achieve an even finer finish and finally, a polishing compound is used to create the mirrored look. Polished aluminium alloy maintains its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties whilst giving a more aesthetically pleasing appearance overall.

Brush polishing is a method in which metals like aluminium are finely sanded using light grade bristles or sandpaper. This gives the metal a very tasteful matte appearance with an almost grain like directional finish. At Aluminium Online, we stock a broad range of products, including polished aluminium flat bar, polished aluminium sheet, polished aluminium angle, polished aluminium angle trim and more.

Polished Aluminium Finishes And Benefits

Aluminium can be polished in various ways to give different finishes depending on the desired look and intended purpose of the final product.

  • A mirror finish is the highest level of buffing
  • A satin finish will offer shine but not have a complete mirror effect
  • A brushed finish features fine lines
  • A matte finish is created by using fine abrasives resulting in a smooth surface with little shine
  • Bright dipped is for chemical polishing aluminium and offers a lustre close to a mirror

To keep your polished aluminium extrusions looking their best, regularly clean and polish with Brasso or other metal polish compounds.

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FAQ – Polished aluminium:

Will polished aluminium stay shiny?

The ability of polished aluminium to maintain its shine over a period of time depends on various factors, including condition exposure, protective treatment and maintenance. Adding a protective coating or anodising your polished aluminium sheet will extend its lifespan and periodic cleaning and repolishing will maintain its shine and finish. 

What does polishing aluminium do?

Polishing aluminium offers a uniform, smooth appearance with a shiny finish. It also improves the aluminium corrosion resistance, enhances heat and light reflection and makes the aluminium alloy easier to clean and maintain 

Is there a way to polish aluminium at home?

Yes, you can polish aluminium at home using various sandpaper grits, aluminium-specific polishing compounds, buffing pads and a degreasing agent, but it is highly recommended to seek professional help so as not to damage or destroy your aluminium beyond repair. 

What polished aluminium products you stock?

Almost our entire extensive range of aluminium extrusions can be polished, and we offer multiple finishes to create your desired look. We supply polished aluminium sheets, flat bars, equal angle, unequal angle, channels, tee sections, box sections, square tubes and more. Browse our range of aluminium here to discover your ideal finish. 

What is the price of polished aluminium?

The price of polished aluminium varies widely depending on several factors, including the type and quality of the aluminium, the thickness and dimensions, the volume and the current market rates of aluminium. Get in touch with our friendly experts for a current accurate quote tailored to your specifications.  

How to tell the difference between chrome and polished aluminium?

When it comes to polished aluminium vs. chrome, and both have a mirror-like finish, it is difficult at first glance to distinguish between the two. But there are some tell-tale giveaways. Chrome tends to have a blueish undertone whereas aluminium has a more natural hue. Aluminium is much lighter than chrome as it is often plated on steel which is also magnetic, and aluminium isn’t 

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

Our delivery service extends throughout the nation and includes some worldwide delivery options. So, if you are looking for aluminium extrusions in Northampton, Liverpool, West Midlands, Norwich or other cities within the UK, we can deliver to you.

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