Aluminium Square Tube & Connectors (Frame Builder)

All connectors are to fit 25mm square tubes 

Aluminium frame builder tube is the ideal minimum-fuss solution for quick, sturdy and lightweight constructions. At Aluminium Online, we stock a wide range of frame builder tubing and connectors, all available for next-day delivery from our Birmingham warehouse.

Best Selling Aluminium Square Tube and Connectors (Frame Builder)

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We offer all of our aluminium box sections in a choice of finishes including milled and powder coated for maximum durability over repeated usage, as well as in a choice of black or white.


Our frame builder tubing comes in lengths of 1,000mm to 5,000mm and with an external measurement of 25x25mm, internal measurement of 22x22mm and a wall thickness of 1.5mm. All of our connector options are designed to provide an exact fit with our tubing.


If you need specialised sizes or options that you can’t see on our site, just drop our friendly team a message with your requirements and we can create custom box sections to suit your needs.

FAQ – Aluminium Square Tube and Connectors (Frame Builder)

What are aluminium box section connectors?

Aluminium box section connectors are connecting joints, usually made from plastic, used to slot pieces of aluminium box sections together for an easy, quick construction, commonly used for short-term erections such as tents, gazebos and marquees.

What makes aluminium square tube connectors different from other tube fittings?

Aluminium square tube connectors differ from other tube fittings in that they don’t require any welding or metal hardware such as bolts and screws. Rather they simply slot together, allowing frameworks to be constructed and taken down with ease.

Are all connectors compatible with your aluminium square tubes?

All of our connectors are compatible with our aluminium frame builder tubes, allowing for an easy, slot-together construction right from delivery.

What are the external measurements of the aluminium square tubes?

Our aluminium square tubes have an external measurement of 25x25mm.

What are the internal measurements of the aluminium square tubes?

All of our aluminium square tubes have an internal measurement of 22x22mm.

Is aluminium framework suitable for outdoor use?

Yes. Aluminium is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, making it the perfect material for outdoor use.

Are there any finishing options available for your aluminium tubes?

As standard, our aluminium box sections come in either milled or powder coated options, with a choice of black or white. If you require different colours or finishes, just get in touch with our friendly team who can provide you with exactly what you need.

Do you offer bulk discounts for larger orders?

For bulk discounts on larger orders, reach out to our team who can discuss your requirements with you.

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