Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws Pozi Pan

No.2 = screw dia. 2.2mm, head dia. 4.2mm, head height 1.8mm
No.4 = screw dia. 2.9mm, head dia. 5.6mm, head height 1.2mm
No.6 = screw dia. 3.5mm, head dia. 6.9mm, head height 2.6mm
No.8 = screw dia. 4.2mm, head dia. 8.2mm, head height 3.05mm
No.10 = screw dia. 4.8mm, head dia. 9.5mm, head height 3.55mm
No.12 = screw dia. 5.5mm, head dia. 10.8mm, head height 3.95mm
No.14 = screw dia. 6.3mm, head dia. 12.5mm, head height 4.55mm
*Screw lengths does not include the head*

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