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Alualuminium fixings and fastnersminium Fixing Screws And Fasteners

Not only do we supply a vast range of high-quality aluminium profiles including angles and bars available with polished or anodised finishes, at Aluminium Online we also stock a selection of self-tapping stainless steel aluminium fixings. Available with pozidriv heads, including countersunk options, our stainless steel aluminium screws are the perfect solution for joining your aluminium components.

Best Selling Aluminium Screws And Fasteners

Alongside your aluminium profiles and extrusions, you can order all the fixings and fasteners you need to complete your project, all from one trustworthy supplier. Using stainless steel for your fixings and fasteners allows you to create an end product that blends the low weight of aluminium with the high strength of steel.


With almost 40 different variations of self tapping screws to choose from, you can be sure that we’ve got just the screw for the job, whatever it is.


Advantages And Uses Of Aluminium Screws And Fasteners

Our selection of stainless steel aluminium fixings can be used across a huge range of applications, and boast superiority in a number of areas:

  • High strength – steel is extremely durable and makes for strong fixings and fasteners
  • Corrosion resistance – stainless steel will offer similar corrosion resistance to your aluminium components, making a perfect pairing of materials
  • Variety of options – Aluminium Online stocks an incredible array of different sizes and specifications of fittings for aluminium, making it easy to find the right one for you

Have More Questions About Aluminium Screws And Fasteners?

In which sizes do aluminium fixing screws come?

At Aluminium Online, we stock a large range of sizes in stainless steel aluminium self tapping screws. We stock everything from No.2 to No.14, with a selection of different lengths available for each. All our screws are self tapping and feature a pozidriv head, with the option for countersunk heads too.

What is the average price of aluminium fixing screws?

The prices for our stainless steel aluminium fixings start at just £2, with more cost effective rates available as you select larger quantities.

What are self tapping aluminium screws and what are their benefits?

Self tapping screws, such as our stainless steel aluminium self tapping screws, are able to tap their own threads, reducing the steps necessary when fastening aluminium components. You will need to create a small pilot hole, but the screw will do the rest for you.

If I want to make a large order of aluminium profiles, including aluminium screws, can I get a custom invoice?

If you’d like a custom quote or invoice for your order when ordering a selection of different items, just get in touch with our expert team.

What are the benefits of shopping for aluminium fasteners online?

Shopping for your aluminium fixing screws online means you can browse and buy from a huge range of items at a time that suits you, plus you can benefit from our rapid order response and next day delivery.

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