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copper round barCopper Round Bar And Rod

Aluminium Online supplies a wide range of copper round bar sizes that can be used for various applications in plumbing, electrical and engineering works. Our copper round bars are excellent conductors of electricity and are available in many different sizes to suit your requirements. Our copper round bar diameter sizes are between 2mm and 8mm. Choose from lengths of 500mm or 1000mm with each copper round bar, but you can also have lengths cut to size upon request.

Copper Round Bars And Rods For Sale

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What are the typical sizes available for copper round bars?

63.50mm Aluminium Round BarThe typical sizes available for copper round bars include lengths of either 500mm or 1000mm with diameters ranging between 2mm and 8mm. Aluminium Online supplies all these ranges and can also accommodate custom sizes.


How do copper round bar sizes differ from copper rods?

While copper round bars and copper rods are terms that are often used interchangeably, their sizes may differ. Copper round bars may have a wider diameter, with rods possessing thinner diameters, sometimes as thin as wire.

What other types of rods, apart from copper do you offer?

As well as copper rods and copper round bars for sale, Aluminium Online supplies bars and rods made from brass and aluminium. Aluminium round bars can then be polished or anodised to provide amazing finishes resulting in smooth and reflective surfaces with high corrosion resistance.

Where can I find reputable copper round bar suppliers?

Aluminium Online is your reputable copper round bar supplier and supplies these products and more across the UK, from the London capital and the diverse city of Birmingham to the northern maritime city of Liverpool and the southern reaches of Wales in Cardiff.

What factors influence the price of copper round bars?

Several factors influence copper round bar price, including the global price which will fluctuate based on supply and demand, mining outputs and economic indicators. Manufacturing and processing costs of copper round bars, including the melting, extrusion, rolling and finishing process will also contribute to the final price. Additionally, low stock levels amid high demand can increase the price. At Aluminium Online, we always adjust prices based on these factors but always aim to provide affordable copper round bars and rods and other products.

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