Brass Round Tubes and Pipes

15mm x 2mm Aluminium Round Tube

Brass round tubes are popular in various industries and applications thanks to their beneficial properties, including corrosion resistance, ease of machining, aesthetic appeal, strength and recyclability.

Our Popular Brass Round Tubes

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What Are Brass Round Tubes Used For?

Brass round tubes are popular in various industries and used in numerous applications thanks to their unique combination of properties. They are commonplace in plumbing, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electricals, automotive, furniture, industrial equipment, water features and more. Due to their malleable form and aesthetic appeal, they are often used as materials for art and sculptures.

FAQs – Need More Information About Brass Round Tubes?

Where can I find brass round tubes near me?

Here at Aluminium Online, we supply brass round tubes across the country, with next-day delivery. Whether you are based in Southampton or Newcastle, Cardiff or Norwich, London or Birmingham, we have all your brass pipe needs covered.

What are brass tubes used for?

Brass tubes are used in numerous ways, including heat exchange, medical devices, musical instruments and food and beverage production. They are also commonly used in the automotive, oil and gas and marine industries.

Is brass tubing strong?

The strength of brass tubing can vary depending on the specific alloy used and the processing or tempering it undergoes. However, it is typically considered a strong and durable material, suitable for many diverse uses.

What sizes of brass pipe are available?

Brass pipes come in a wide variety of dimensions and can be cut to multiple lengths. They are often measured by their OD (outside diameter) and the most common extrusion is 9mm brass round tube and 10mm brass round tube.

Can brass tubing be bent?

Absolutely! Brass tubing is an extremely malleable and ductile material, which means it can be easily shaped and formed into different configurations, including bends and curves. This is what makes it ideal for automotive components, architectural elements, plumbing and more.

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