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Here at Aluminium Online, we have a fantastic selection of brass round bars available to purchase for a range of projects and that is why we are one of the UK’s leading brass bar suppliers.

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What Are Brass Round Bars Used For?

Brass round bars, also known as brass rods, are commonly utilised in numerous applications, such as the production and maintenance of gates, fences, and railings, as well as decorative functions. Because of its strength, superb machinability, and beautiful finish, brass round bars are a highly sought-after material.

FAQ – Need More Information About Brass Round Bars?

What is a brass rod used for?

Brass is frequently used in both decorative and mechanical applications, due to its corrosion resistance, brass is regularly used in applications that require low friction. Brass is a great material for decorative applications like door handles and lamp fittings since it is also antibacterial and has a high aesthetic value. Decorative things for the home are also often made of brass and its colour can vary, ranging from red to light gold and silver.

How are brass rods made?

After being heated, brass alloys are sent through a die in an extrusion press to take on the required shape and size. The rod will be extruded straight or coiled, depending on the size that the customer requests. After the extrusion is finished, the brass rod is subjected to controlled cooling and acid cleaning to get rid of any oxidation that may have formed on the extruded surface. After that, the rod will be cold drawn to satisfy the client’s specifications for dimensional accuracy, mechanical qualities, and machinability.

What do you do with brass round bar offcuts?

Here at Aluminium Online, we do our utmost to ensure any off-cuts from any of our customer’s brass round rods are recycled. Brass metal has the unique advantage of being extremely sustainable and having a high recycling rate without losing any of its original composition.

Do you cut brass round bars to size?

Yes, here at Aluminium Online, we have a selection of precut brass round bar sizes for you to choose from. However, if you’re after something more specific we have the ability to cut brass rods to custom sizes.

What sizes of brass rods do you stock?

At Aluminium Online, we have a vast selection of different sizes of brass rods available to purchase. These sizes of brass round bars consist of:

  • 2mm brass round bar
  • 3mm brass round bar
  • 4mm brass round bar
  • 5mm brass round bar
  • 6mm brass round bar
  • 8mm brass round bar
  • 10mm brass round bar
  • 12mm brass round bar
  • 15mm brass round bar
  • 17mm brass round bar
  • 20mm brass round bar
  • 25mm brass round bar
  • 32mm brass round bar
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