Brass Hexagon Bar

Brass Hexagon Bars

Brass hexagon bars are popular in various industries and applications thanks to their numerous beneficial properties including corrosion resistance, weight-to-strength ratio, aesthetic appeal and conductivity.

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What Are Brass Hexagon Bars Used For?

Brass hex bar, or hexagonal brass rod as it is also known is found in a wide range of applications across various sectors thanks to its unique properties such as corrosion resistance, malleability, aesthetic appeal and more. They can be used for heat exchangers, machine parts, electrics, construction, architecture and jewellery production. They are found commonly around the home as nuts, bolts and other fasteners.

FAQ – Need More Information About Brass Hexagon Bars?

What size are brass hex rods?

Brass hex bar is available in a variety of sizes to suit different applications and industry requirements. The specific sizes and dimensions can vary depending on the manufacturer, region and industry standards.

How do you find the weight of a hexagon bar?

To find the correct weight of a hexagon bar, you’ll need to know the dimensions. Specifically, its length, distance across the flat bars and the material’s density. The equation is Weight (W) = Volume (V) x Density (D). For an easier way, place it on some scales.

What are hex brass rods?

A hexagonal brass rod is a solid rod made from brass that has a hexagonal cross-section shape. It has six flat sides and six angles, with the distance across flats being one of the key dimensions to specify its size.

Can you cut hexagonal brass bars to size?

Absolutely! Hexagonal brass bars can be cut to size to meet specific project requirements. Cutting brass bars to the desired length is a common practice, and there are various methods available for achieving this, including using a hacksaw, circular saw, band saw, angle grinder, metal cutting shears and professional cutting services.

What other brass products, apart from hex bars, do you stock?

Along with brass hex bars, we also provide high-quality brass round tubes, round bars and flat bars. All available in various sizes at competitive prices.

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