Custom Aluminium Extrusions

We understand that with some projects, it’s not as easy as finding the right aluminium extrusion straight off the shelf. This is why at Aluminium Online we offer a range of custom extrusions able to be cut and machined to your exact specifications.

Customised Aluminium Extrusions for Sale

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Why Choose Bespoke Aluminium Profiles?

Customised aluminium products are used across a wide range of sectors for various applications. This includes:

  • Medical equipment
  • Furniture
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Windows and doors
  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding

While we stock a vast range of high-quality aluminium, sometimes only a custom aluminium extrusion can fit a specific need, which is why we offer customised aluminium products to suit any application.


FAQ – Custom Aluminium Extrusions

Why choose bespoke aluminium extrusions over standard profiles?

Customised aluminium extrusions are, by definition, bespoke to your requirements, which is often necessary when creating new or unique products, whether that’s in construction or manufacturing. They allow for greater design flexibility than stock profiles.

What industries benefit from bespoke extrusions?

A huge range of industries use aluminium extrusions, and all of them will likely benefit from custom extrusions at certain points. Aluminium profiles are used in products in the automotive, construction, roofing and airline industries.

What types of alloys are commonly used in bespoke aluminium extrusions?

At Aluminium Online, we stock mostly 6000 series aluminium, which is a magnesium and silicon-based alloy, but we can supply other series of alloys suitable for different applications. Find out more about the different grades of aluminium and their uses in our blog post here.

What is the typical lead time for manufacturing bespoke aluminium extrusions?

The lead time for your bespoke aluminium will vary depending on a few factors including the complexity of your request and the quantity you need. To get an accurate lead time, get in touch with our expert team today.

Can bespoke aluminium extrusions be anodised or coated?

Yes. We offer a range of finishing services including polishing, anodising and powder coating.

How is the cost determined for bespoke aluminium extrusions?

The price of your custom extrusions will depend on a few things, including the complexity and size of your required extrusions and the grade of aluminium you choose. To get an exact quote for the price of your aluminium profiles, contact our expert team.

Are there limitations to the shapes that can be achieved with bespoke aluminium extrusions?

To some extent yes, there will be limitations to how complex or large your extrusion can become. However, we have an expert team on hand and a facility packed with cutting-edge equipment, so we can handle most projects – the best way to know whether your required extrusion is possible is to ask!

Can bespoke aluminium extrusions be recycled?

Yes. Aluminium is one of Earth’s most abundant metals and is almost infinitely recyclable. When they reach the end of their lifespan, your extrusions can be melted down, ready to be reshaped into something brand new.

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