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Great Selection of Aluminium Architectural Sections

Aluminium Online supplies a wide range of architectural aluminium profiles that are widely used as edging for structures in public, commercial and industrial environments. We have various profiles designed for glass framing, wallboards, architectural edging, DIY projects and more. Choose from a selection of sizes to meet your requirements. You can also tell us specific, bespoke sizes for an architectural section with our team cutting it to size.

Best Selling Architectural Aluminium Extrusions

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Applications of Aluminium Architectural Sections

There are several applications for architectural sections, including:

  • Window and door frames
  • Curtain wall systems for exterior cladding
  • Structural glazing and facades
  • Skylights and roof structures
  • Partition walls and panels
  • Sunshades
  • Balconies and railings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Staircases and handrails
  • Signage and displays

Have More Questions About Aluminium Architectural Sections?

What grade of aluminium is used in architecture?

Here at Aluminium Online, all our aluminium is part of the 6000-grade series. We stock profiles of 6060 and 6082 grade aluminium and can also anodise, powder coat and polish architectural sections to provide even higher quality.

What is an aluminium architectural section?

An aluminium architectural section is a piece of aluminium that has been extruded into a cross-sectional profile and used in building and construction applications. Aluminium is heated and then forced through a die shaped like the desired profile to make these sections.

What other aluminium products do you stock?

We stock a wide range of other aluminium products including aluminium round tubes, round bars, equal and unequal angles, telescopic tubes and much more. Aluminium Online has one of the most extensive stocks of aluminium products on the market.

How can I make an order on Aluminium Online?

You can make your order on Aluminium Online by clicking on your desired architectural section, selecting your chosen size and how many profiles you want, and then clicking add to basket. Proceed to checkout and fill in your personal and payment information. Your order will be placed, and we will ship it out to you via next-day delivery if your order is placed before 1pm on weekdays. You can also place orders by calling us on 0121 272 2865.

What are the benefits of using aluminium in architecture?

Aluminium offers many benefits when used in architecture, including the metal’s high corrosion resistance, it is lightweight – about one-third the weight of steel or copper – its high durability, thermal efficiency, recyclability and variety of aesthetic qualities. These benefits make aluminium a versatile and desirable material in architecture, suited for structural frameworks to decorative elements and more.

Which locations do you ship to?

At Aluminium Online, we ship across the whole of the UK and can ship to many locations such as Birmingham, Dudley, Droitwich, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Liverpool and more.


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