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Aluminium Online are a leading UK supplier of telescopic aluminium tubing (also known as telescoping rectangular tubing)– with a wide selection of stock in different sizes and thicknesses to suit requirements. We have a wide range of regular customers from large commercial corporations to handymen completing small DIY projects.


Please note that the Tubes are sold individually. The pictures provided are for demonstration purposes only.

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What are aluminium telescopic tubes?

Aluminium telescopic tubes are extruded aluminium profiles with a perfect telescoping action to make them extendable. They are hollow extruded aluminium profiles that sleeve into the next consecutive size up/down, making them extendable. They are placed with connectors that allow them to easily fit inside one another.

What applications use Telescopic Aluminium Tubing?

Telescopic aluminium tubing is best suited for applications requiring a sleeve or the material to expand inside one another. It is regularly used in construction, fabrication, manufacturing, and general maintenance. Telescopic tubes are often used for adjustable racks, shelving, framing, carts, camera equipment, robotic extensions, and other tech equipment.

FAQ – Aluminium telescoping tubing,  telescoping rectangular tubing and more

How does telescopic aluminium tubing work?

Telescopic aluminium tubing works by having perfectly scaled tubes of aluminium that slot into the next consecutive size. This makes a ‘sleeving’ action that makes them extendable, getting narrower at the end, i.e., telescopic.


What is telescopic aluminium tubing used for?

Telescopic aluminium tubing has lots of uses including camping, gardening, curtain rails, or most often in adjustable racks, shelving, framing, carts, and tech equipment. It is used when items need to be extended in height or length such as camera equipment or adjustable racking.

What are the benefits of using telescopic aluminium tubing?

Aluminium is extremely durable despite its lightweight. This makes it the perfect option for camera equipment or adjustable racking where strength is required without the added weight. Not only this, but their resistance to corrosion ensures they are capable of outdoor use for long periods of time without losing their integrity. Read more about the benefits of aluminium here.

What shapes of aluminium telescopic tubes do you supply?

Aluminium Online currently only supply round telescoping tubing. However, should you require it, contact us to discuss square telescopic tubing options.

Are your aluminium telescopic tubes anodised?

Our aluminium telescopic tubes are not anodised as standard, but we are pleased to offer anodising services for bulk buys of aluminium telescopic tubes at purchase. Simply contact us for more information.

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

We provide a superb next-day delivery service to all customers based in the UK. So, if you are looking for an aluminium supplier to deliver your extrusions order to Handsworth, Plymouth, Nottingham, London or other cities within the UK, you are in the right place.

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