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What are aluminium round tubes?

Aluminium round tubes are a useful, versatile product and by far our biggest seller.

They are a very versatile product that has many attributes and many uses. The round tubing we supply is extruded from top quality aluminium and are available in 6063T6 and 6082T6 grades

It has a high strength to weight ratio and is suitable for anodising, polishing and powder coating.


What can aluminium round tubes be used for?

Aluminium round tubes have an array of uses in building and construction. It is often used as structural support in building architecture – but it also can be used in furniture, signage as well as in the automotive and transport industries.

It has also been widely used by homeowners and for DIY projects making it have a place in common household items too!


Aluminium Round Tube Finishes

Our standard supply of aluminium round tubes is a high-quality mill finish – but we also have the option to add strength via powder-coating, polishing or anodising finishes. Our round tube products are made from 6000 series aluminium meaning the material is highly corrosion-resistant with added magnesium and silicon.

This further improves the surface hardness as well as giving a more uniform and decorative appearance.


Our Round Tubes in Action



FAQ – Aluminium round tubes and pipes

What can aluminium round tubes be used for?

Aluminium round tubes have a wealth of uses in the building and construction industries. Aluminium round tubing is most often used for structural support in building architecture, but also has important uses in furniture manufacturing and signage, as well as in the automotive and transport industries.

What sizes of aluminium round tubes do you supply?

As with all of our products, we supply set sizes ranging from 0.9mm wall thickness up to 6.35mm. The lengths of our aluminium round tubes range from 100mm to 5,000mm, but we are able to cut them to your specific size requirements from the closest match in length we currently offer.

What’s the difference between an aluminium round tube and pipe?

The main difference between an aluminium round tube and pipe is their individual uses and how they are measured. Whilst they are both hollow, aluminium round tubes are measured and supplied by their outside wall diameter, whereas pipes are more focussed on the internal capacity and volume. This is because the applications of aluminium pipes require even pressure distribution which is only accommodated from round shapes, and they often carry liquids of specific volumes.

Do your aluminium round tubes have a seam?

To make an aluminium round tube, a sheet of aluminium is welded at the seam to make the tubing. Our aluminium round tubing is porthole extruded, and therefore classed as semi-seamless.

Are your aluminium round tubes anodised?

Our aluminium round tubes are not anodised as standard, but we are pleased to offer anodising services for bulk buys of aluminium round tubes at purchase. Simply contact us for more information.

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

If you are based anywhere in the UK, including Dudley, Manchester, Oldbury and Bristol, we can deliver to you. We also have some international delivery options available.

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