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As the UK’s premier supplier of high-quality aluminium profiles and extrusions, we stock an extensive range of aluminium tee sections in a vast array of sizes and with a finish of your choice.

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From our base near the centre of Birmingham, the UK’s traditional industrial heartland, we can ship your tee sections across the country with next-day delivery. We also offer custom cutting and finishing services, so if we don’t stock what you need, just get in touch – we’ve got you covered.

Lightweight, sturdy and corrosion-resistant, aluminium tee sections are perfect for a huge range of applications and are commonly found in windows, stair rails, furniture and construction. Whether you’re a large-scale industry or a hobbyist or artist, we can help.

FAQ – Aluminium Tee Section

What are the typical applications for aluminium tee sections?

Aluminium tee sections in a range of sizes and forms, including aluminium unequal tee sections, are used across a spectrum of industries and applications such as aerospace, furniture, windows, doors and construction, as well as in a number of hobbies and artistic endeavours.

What sizes are available for aluminium tee sections?

At Aluminium Online, we stock more than 30 different aluminium tee section sizes, including varying lengths, heights and thicknesses. If we don’t stock the size you need, just drop us a line and we can provide a custom cutting and finishing service.

Is the cost of aluminium tee sections inclusive of any additional services or treatments?

A number of our aluminium tee section costs are inclusive of additional treatments such as powder coating and anodising. For bespoke products, you can always reach out to us.

What are the benefits of choosing anodised aluminium tee sections?

Aluminium naturally develops a thin oxide layer that makes it very resistant to wear, however anodising causes the formation of an even thicker layer. This creates an attractive finish while making the aluminium extremely durable, and is perfect for heavy-duty and industrial applications.

What applications are unequal aluminium tee sections best suited to?

Similarly to other aluminium tee sections, unequal aluminium tee sections are used in a wide range of applications including furniture, windows, doors and construction.

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