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aluminium tubeAt Aluminium Online, we have a wide range of aluminium offcuts in various shapes and sizes, including aluminium angle, aluminium bar, aluminium round bar offcuts, aluminium square bar, aluminium sheet offcuts and more. Having such a superb range to start with means we always end up with a variety of offcuts, ideal for numerous purposes. We also sell these at discounted rates to help you stay well within your project budget.

Aluminium Offcuts For Sale

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Our aluminium offcuts for sale include metal finishes, such as powder coating, anodising and polishing, so you can find the perfect aesthetic to complete your construction.

Have More Questions About Aluminium Offcuts?

What are aluminium offcuts and how are they generated?

Aluminium offcuts refers to the pieces of aluminium that are left over after the main parts have been cut or shaped during the manufacturing or fabrication process.


What sizes and shapes do aluminium round bar offcuts typically come in?

Aluminium round bar offcuts can vary significantly in size and shape, depending on the original size of the round bar from which they were cut and the specific requirements of the projects for which the bars were used. Always check on our site to see what we have available.

How can I utilise aluminium sheet offcuts effectively in my projects?

Much like using an aluminium extrusion that has been cut to your precise requirements, if you find a perfect fit in an offcut, it can save you money. An alternative would be to adjust your required measurements where possible to cater to the offcut dimensions.

Where can I find aluminium offcuts for sale and what factors should I consider before purchasing?

At Aluminium Online, we have a whole page dedicated to offcuts we currently have for sale, which has all the information to help you find the ideal piece, including size and shape, type and grade, quantity and price.

Are aluminium offcuts recyclable?

Absolutely! Aluminium offcuts are highly recyclable. Aluminium is one of the most recyclable materials on the market and it can be recycled indefinitely without losing its quality or properties.

Can I customise aluminium offcuts to specific dimensions or shapes for my application?

Due to the nature of offcuts typically being the remainder of another customer’s request for specific dimensions, it is not possible to customise them for your order. However, at Aluminium Online, we offer bespoke and custom orders on all our original extrusions. Speak to a member of our friendly team for more information and an obligation-free quote.


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