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Aluminium Online have a wide range of aluminium equal angle profiles available to buy online at competitive prices. We stock a range of thicknesses and different sizes – from 10x10x1.5mm to 152x152x12.7mm, indeed a huge range to suit our customers varied requirements.

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What is Aluminium Equal Angle?

Aluminium equal angle (also referred to as aluminium L section) are extruded aluminium profiles shaped to 90-degree angles on the inside and outside corners.

The outside ‘leg’ dimension can either be identical – referred to as aluminium equal angle, or where one leg dimension is larger than the other – named aluminium unequal angle.

It is a very versatile, light, and strong aluminium section, easily drilled, cut, and welded to suit the required end-use, making it one of our most popular products.

What is Aluminium Equal Angle used for?

Aluminium equal angle is used across several industries, specifically in construction and architecture as it has an excellent strength to weight ratio. Smaller aluminium equal angles are often used as trims and edgings on windows, worktops, and shop fittings.

Larger aluminium angles are best utilised on vehicle bodywork, staircase railings, signage, frame building, and general fabrication. Among its many advantages over other materials are excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight, on top of that aluminium is one of the most abundant materials on earth and is widely recycled. A true green material!

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