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Similar products to Aluminium U and C channels could include: aluminium sheets, aluminium tubes, aluminium profiles, aluminium box sections, aluminium angles, fixings, cut-offs and much more. Browse our whole range of products and contact us to get the best possible current price for your aluminium needs.

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What is Aluminium Channel?

Aluminium channel, also referred to as aluminium U channel or C channel, has the right shape and right angles on each corner. The aluminium block is heated and forced through a die, extruding the U/C-shaped aluminium channel.

Aluminium U/C channel has many different uses in fabrication and light construction projects.


What is Aluminium Channel Used For?

Aluminium channel is commonly used in the engineering, construction, and transportation industries due to its durability.

Additional uses include window frames or wood products such as plywood. This is due to it being great for welding and is highly corrosion resistant with excellent finishing characteristics.

The aluminium U channel can also be used for a variety of construction projects, furniture manufacturing, stair rails, DIY, door sliders & runners and different trim items.

FAQ – Aluminum U and C Channel Sections

Are aluminium channels and C/U channels the same?

Yes – aluminium channels and C or U channels are the same. The aluminium channel has a U or C shape because of its 3 sides, so the three names are used interchangeably to describe the same product.

What are aluminium channels used for?

Not being 4 sided like most aluminium alloy products, such as the aluminium square-shaped bar, aluminium U channels have particular uses. They are most commonly used for window frames and wood products because they are great for welding to custom requirements. They also have uses in construction projects such as sliding doors, runners, and different trim items.

What grades are your aluminium C/U channels supplied in?

All of our aluminium channels are manufactured and graded in 6000 series material. We keep significant stocks of 6060 and 6082 aluminium, all produced to comply with the standards set out in BSEN755.

Can you cut an aluminium channel to my specific size?

We can cut aluminium U channels to any length that is required. By using an aluminium channel with the closest match in length that we offer to the size you require, we will then cut to your specified dimensions.

Are your aluminium channels anodised?

Our aluminium C channels are not anodised as standard, but we are pleased to offer anodising services for bulk buys of aluminium channels at purchase. Simply contact us for more information.

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