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At Aluminium Online, we stock a wide range of aluminium square bars in a selection of sizes at competitive prices, all available for online purchase and next-day delivery.

Our popular aluminium square bars and rods in stock:

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What is an aluminium square bar or rod?

An aluminium square bar or aluminium square rod as it is also known, is a solid length of aluminium with a square cross-section. It is a specialised form of aluminium extrusion stock, used in a variety of applications, including construction, machinery, architectural design and more. All aluminium square bars supplied by Aluminium Online are 6000 grade, meaning they are ideal for internal and external usage thanks to their strength-to-weight ratio and high corrosion resistance.


What are aluminium square bars used for?

Aluminium square bars are solid lengths of aluminium extrusion, which are easily formable, making them an ideal material for multiple applications. They are commonplace in the construction industry, being used as support structures in buildings and as frameworks. They are also a popular choice in the transportation industry, marine applications, fencing and barriers, decorative purposes and, as aluminium is a good conductor, is often used in electrical capacities.

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What weight do aluminium square bars typically come in?

There is no standard weight for aluminium square bars as it varies depending on the dimensions of the extrusion. However, aluminium is known for its lightweight qualities, whilst being a strong material. It is 1/3 the weight of steel.

What grade aluminium square bar do you supply?

All of our aluminium square bars are manufactured and graded in 6000 series material. We keep significant stocks of 6060 and 6082 aluminium, all produced to comply with the standards set out in BSEN755.

What size and thickness aluminium square bar do I need?

The size and thickness of aluminium square bar you need depends solely in the intended use. For example, for use in frames and structural fabrications, you would require a wider thickness and longer length. Whereas, for smaller uses such as road signage, a shorter and slimmer aluminium square bar would be needed.

If you are unsure of what size and thickness of aluminium square bar you need, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

What’s the difference between an aluminium square bar and square tube?

As the name suggests, an aluminium square bar is a solid extrusion of aluminium. An aluminium square tube, however, is hollow with a square shaped cross-section, like tubing. Because of this, they have different uses – aluminium square bars are used predominantly in construction, whereas square tubes are instead used for structural support where there are weight restrictions because of their hollow nature.

Can you cut aluminium square bars to size?

We can cut aluminium square bars to any length that is required. By using an aluminium square bar with the closest match in length that we offer to the size you require, we will then cut to your specified dimensions.

Are your aluminium square bars anodised?

Our aluminium square bars are not anodised as standard, but we are pleased to offer anodising services for bulk buys of aluminium square bars at purchase. Simply contact us for more information.

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

If you are based anywhere in the UK, including Handsworth, Plymouth, Nottingham, Newcastle and London, we can deliver to you. We also have some international delivery options available.

What sizes of aluminium square bars do you supply?

Our aluminium square bars range in size from 6.35mm to 63.5mm and come in lengths from 100mm to 5000mm.

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