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Aluminium Online offer many different types of aluminium bars. We stock a vast range of stock in various shapes and sizes of aluminium bars, including aluminium flat bar, aluminium round bar and aluminium square bar.


Our aluminium is 6000 series material, the majority of this is produced here in the UK. Aluminium bars are used in many applications including window frames, door frames and railings.

We offer competitive pricing and next day delivery. We can supply large commercial corporations to repair people completing those home DIY projects, so order your aluminium bars from us today!

What is aluminium bar used for?

Aluminium bars are used for various sectors including construction as a perfect building material to be used in roofs, stairs, heating, and cooling systems.


How strong are aluminium bars?

Aluminium bars have an excellent strength to weight ratio, it will not give under pressure workability.


What is an aluminium flat bar?

An aluminium flat bar is a solid rectangular shaped bar, it has flat pieces of metal with square edges. It is easy to work with and has a wide range of applications.


What is an aluminium round bar?

An aluminium round bar is a cylindrical bar, it is used in many industrial and commercial applications.


What is an aluminium square bar?

An aluminium square bar is a solid metal bar with a square cross section, it is used widely in many industries for general assembly and manufacturing.


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