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Equal AngleAt Aluminium Online, we stock a superb range of high-quality aluminium equal-angle extrusions available for online purchase, all at competitive prices with next-day delivery.

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Aluminium equal angle is also referred to as an L section due to it being shaped to a 90-degree angle on both the inside and outside corners. It is a durable and light aluminium angle profile which is easily drilled, cut and welded, making it extremely versatile and is used in various applications. Some common uses include construction and architecture, shop fittings and worktops, frame building and signage and use in the automotive and aerospace industries. It is also incredibly recyclable making it the green choice.

Our aluminium equal angle sizes range from 10x10x1.5mm to 152x152x12.7mm, and we are confident we have the ideal profile for your project in our superb selection.

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What is an aluminium equal angle?

An aluminium equal angle is extruded aluminium shaped to a 90-degrees angle, both on the inside and outside corners. For equal angles, the outside “leg” dimensions are of identical length, or equal.

What is an aluminium equal angle used for?

Aluminium equal angles are used across several different industries, most notably construction and architecture. They are used foremost to reinforce, contain, and protect various surfaces. Smaller aluminium equal angles are often used as trims and edgings on windows, worktops, and shop fittings. Larger equal angles are better suited for vehicle bodywork, staircase railings, signage, frame building, and other general fabrications.

What are the benefits to using an aluminium equal angle?

Aluminium has many benefits, but aluminium equal angles have great weldability and are incredibly durable. Their strength-to-weight ratio makes them perfect for a lot of applications, and their excellent resistance to corrosion means little to no ongoing replacement costs. It is a very versatile, light, and strong aluminium section, making it easily drilled, cut, and welded to suit the needs of your project.

What size and thickness of aluminium equal angle do I need?

The size and thickness of aluminium equal angle needed depends on its proposed use – for example, if you require an aluminium trim for a worktop, you may require a 3mm thickness and the length of your area. For bigger projects such as structural repairs, a larger thickness may be required, such as our 12.7mm aluminium equal angles.

If you are unsure of what size and thickness of aluminium equal angle you need, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.

How strong are equal aluminium angles?

Equal aluminium angles are known as ‘structural alloys’ because of their incredible strength and lightweight manufacturing. They are extremely resistant to corrosion making them durable in any application to help reinforce and support various surfaces.

Do you cut aluminium equal angles to size?

We can cut aluminium equal angles to any length that is required. By using an aluminium equal angle with the closest match in length that we offer to the size you require, we will then cut to your specified dimensions.

Are your aluminium equal angles anodised?

As with all of our products, our aluminium equal angles are not anodised as standard. However, we are pleased to offer anodising services for bulk buys of aluminium equal angles at purchase. Simply contact us for more information.

How can I check if you deliver to a location near me?

If you are based anywhere in the UK, including Handsworth, Plymouth, Nottingham, Newcastle and London, we can deliver to you. We also have some international delivery options available.

What are the common uses of aluminium equal angles?

Aluminium equal angles are commonly used in various industries thanks to their lightweight, corrosion-resistant and strong properties, including construction and architecture, transportation, manufacturing, marine, aerospace, renewable energy and home improvement.

What are the available sizes and dimensions for aluminium equal angles?

Our aluminium equal angle sizes range from 10x10x1.5mm to 152x152x12.7mm and the lengths of the extrusions start at 100mm and go up to 5000mm.

How do I determine the right size and thickness of aluminium equal angle for my project?

Consider the purpose of your aluminium equal angle, and if it is to be load-bearing, you may want to consult engineering tables to determine the appropriate size and thickness to support the weight.

Are aluminium equal angles corrosion-resistant?

Yes. Aluminium is a highly corrosion-resistant material thanks to the oxide layer that forms on its surface and aluminium equal angles are no different.

Can I get custom lengths and finishes for aluminium equal angles?

We can cut to size your aluminium equal angle to a perfect fit, and we offer various finishes including anodising, powder coating and polished. Get in touch with us to discuss your unique specifications.

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