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Aluminium Online are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of aluminium angles. With a superb range in various dimensions, we are confident we have the ideal extrusion for all projects.a

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Aluminium angles, also known as L-sections, are shaped to 90 degrees on both the inside and outside edges and have two protruding legs. They come in two variations, equal and unequal, which refer to the lengths of the legs, and are used in multiple applications across numerous industries, thanks to their lightweight yet strong properties, including construction, aerospace, automotive, marine, electronics, transportation, manufacturing and more.

They are also a superb choice of material for external use, as they are highly corrosion-resistant, thanks to the oxide layer that forms on their surface. Aluminium angles can also be finished with anodising, powder coating or polish, giving them a beautiful aesthetic.

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What are the common uses of aluminium angles?

Aluminium angles are popular in construction for window and door frames, protective edging and supporting structures. They are also used in shelving and storage, fencing and railings, machinery, solar panels, marine applications and more.

What are the advantages of using aluminium angles over other materials?

Extruded aluminium angles are extremely durable whilst being lightweight. They are three times as light as steel. Aluminium alloy is also a superb thermal and electric conductor and is highly resistant to corrosion thanks to the oxide layer that forms on its surface.

What are the different types of aluminium angles available?

There are two common variants of aluminium angle, which are equal and unequal. The difference between them is in their legs, where one has legs of equal length, the other’s are unequal. As aluminium angle suppliers, Aluminium Online supplies both angles in a wide range of dimensions.

What sizes and dimensions do aluminium angles come in?

Our equal aluminium angles range from 10x10x1.5mm to 152.4×152.4×12.7mm and are available in lengths from 100mm to 5000mm. Our unequal angles have the same range of lengths but come in dimensions from 15x10x2mm to 200x100x10mm.

How do I determine the right aluminium angle size for my project?

Assessing the purpose of your aluminium angle is where to start. If it is for structural support, you will need to ensure it can handle the load it will bear, if it is for decorative purposes, you will want to consider the finish, and, in all cases, you will need to ensure your measurements are precise.

What locations do you cover?

We supply our aluminium extrusions to customers from Cornwall to Scotland, Wales to Lowestoft and internationally. We cover all UK areas in between including Northampton, Manchester, Oldbury, Bristol and Handsworth.

Are aluminium angles available in different finishes or colours?

Yes. Aluminium angles are available in anodised or polished finishes and can be painted using powder coating in multiple colours.

Can I cut and shape aluminium angles to fit my specific project requirements?

Browse our extensive range of equal and unequal angles in various dimensions and, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, get in touch with one of our helpful team as we also offer a bespoke fabrication service.

Are aluminium angles resistant to corrosion and rust?

Yes. Aluminium naturally forms a layer of oxide on its surface, which acts as a protective barrier. Rust refers to the oxidation of iron or iron alloys, and since aluminium doesn’t contain any iron, it cannot rust.

Are aluminium angles recyclable?

Absolutely. Aluminium is one of the most recyclable metals in the world, and the recycling process requires only about 5% of the energy needed to produce the metal from bauxite ore. This reduces greenhouse emissions significantly.

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