Everyday Uses of Aluminium Products

Where does aluminium come from?

Aluminium is found in the bauxite ore that is commonly found in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Over a third of the world’s bauxite is mined in China, Australia and Guinea. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, meaning it can be used repeatedly without losing its physical or chemical properties.


Aluminium has a fantastic strength to weight ratio considering how light it is. It often rivals steel due to its impressive strength to weight ratio. Aluminium can also be alloyed with a variety of other metals to create a more desirable product in terms of properties and aesthetics. Furthermore, aluminium can also prevent itself from rusting.


Because aluminium has a lot of great qualities, it also has a lot of everyday uses on small and big scale projects. For this reason, aluminium extrusion is incredibly important to keep aluminium stockists in business.

For example, aluminium can be found all over your home. For example, takeaway and drinks containers are often made from aluminium. But it also has other uses, such as in your smartphone, kitchen utensils, kitchen foil, cutlery, flat pack furniture, and many more. Aluminium is great for lots of uses because it is easily malleable and can be machined into things very quickly.

Aside from its household uses, aluminium products are also used across several other industries, particularly engineering and the aerospace industry. Because of aluminium’s strength and resistance to rust and corrosion, aluminium is used in some of the world’s tallest buildings.

Aluminium Cross Section


Aluminium has only 63% of the conductivity of copper, however, it also has a low density which makes it perfect for long-distance power lines. Additionally, aluminium is also used in motors, appliances, TV antennae, LED bulbs and satellite dishes.

Road & rail

Lots of vehicles have aluminium in them. This is because its lightweight properties can increase fuel economy and absorb a lot of impact in the event of a crash. Aluminium IS also found at sea and in the air. Its lightweight structures assist the overall buoyancy of cruise ships and make it easier for aircraft to fly, reducing the risk of being too heavy to fly, and saving aircraft from using three times the fuel. The Boeing 737 for example uses roughly 80% aluminium in its manufacture.


Aluminium is used in a lot of aerospace projects also and has proven to have been used in Zeppelins. By the year 2025 it is predicted that there will be a global demand of 80 million metric tons. Because of this, the aerospace industry is increasingly looking at recycling alloys to decrease demand pressures.

Outdoor furniture

Aluminium also be found in a lot of street furniture in cities and towns, such as bike racks, benches, bins, gates, and fences. As well as in public toilets, light fixtures, and signs. This is because aluminium can be manufactured into many shapes and isn’t easily affected by weather conditions.

Shark cages are also made from aluminium, surprisingly. Because it is lightweight, the cages are more buoyant and protected from rust due to the aluminium oxide layer.

Military uses

Aluminium has a lot of military uses also and has been used to manufacture military vehicles such as Humveees and BFVs. Processed aluminium has been used to make armour and has proven to help protect soldiers from explosions and even bullets. Additionally, aluminium is used in the creation of bulletproof ‘glass’. Though it is not actually glass, it is fully transparent and three times stronger than steel plating.

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Aluminium is an incredibly useful metal that is used across a variety of industries. As such, it has a large selection of uses and positives. Next time you are considering your next DIY, engineering or another project, contact Aluminium Online, your local aluminium suppliers and browse our aluminium products for more information on what may work best for you.

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