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Due to its weight-to-strength ratio, versatility, durability and price, aluminium is a cost-effective material with several applications and, whatever your project is, at Aluminium Online, we have you covered.   

We are part of one of the UK’s leading independent aluminium suppliers who go the extra mile every time to make sure all our customers get exactly what they want at a fantastic price and a quick delivery. What makes us stand out is how much we care about each of our customers, as we take great satisfaction in seeing the fantastic results of the various projects. Including the vast array of Hobbyists, Inventors and artists who regularly shop with us. 

We supply aluminium sheets, aluminium tubes, aluminium profiles, aluminium box sections, aluminium angles, fixings, cut-offs and much more. Browse our whole range of products and contact us to get the best possible current price for your aluminium needs.  

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